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Puck is a mischievous fairy. He enjoys playing pranks on people and causing trouble. He's easily excitable and almost always hyped up for something. He has the elongated lifespan of a powerful fairy, and although even in fairy years he should be much older, he still seems like a teenager. He normally doesn't mean any harm by what he does, but his youthfulness causes him to make many mistakes. He's probably the living incarnation of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". He mainly does things to please himself, regardless of the impacts on others, although after thousands of years of living he's gotten better at empathizing. Puck also has a strong awareness of the bad things in the world, alert to death and danger. He lives freely, and hates being trapped or told what to do.

Puck is around 5'1". He's small and slight, with translucent wings. He typically wears normal clothing, appearing to be a normal teenager to anybody who doesn't know better. His hair changes color every few weeks, normally staying in the natural color ranges but occasionally tipped a neon color. He speaks in iambic pentameter, unless in an extreme emergency. Catch his attention in the right way and he will sonnet you into next tuesday.

Puck can fly, replicate voices, and transform things. Mainly this power is used on himself, but if he's feeling particularly spiteful he can transform other things for short periods of time.

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